Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist helps to prevent dental decay by cleaning patients’ teeth and providing them with education about how to care effectively for their teeth and gums and the effects of diet on oral health.

Dental hygienists deal with the prevention of dental problems: this involves performing a variety of examinations and cleaning procedures. They work closely with dentists.

Your Smile is Important to Us

  • Providing health information about tooth care and diet.
  • Carrying out screening and monitoring procedures.
  • Scaling and polishing teeth to remove plaque and calculus.


Elaine Keveney – Our Dental Hygienist

Elaine began her career by graduating in Dental nursing & Conscious Sedation from Trinity College in 2008. She worked as a valued member in specialised prosthodontic dentistry for 8 years.

She returned to study Dental Hygiene in University college Cork, graduating with a firstclass honours degree and was awarded the Colm O’Sullivan gold medal award for highest overall grades in both 1st & 2nd year dental hygiene, the GlaxoSmithKline: Sensodyne award for highest grades in 2nd year and the Dental Protection award for best literature review.

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Dental Hygienist Dublin

Dental Hygienist Dublin